Winter Window

This was a magical wintery display of hanging flowers, vines and leaves, back-lit with twinkle lights. The display was intended to last through the holiday and winter season.

Sacred Arts

The revamp for the neglected 1940’s former photography studio included branding, signage and a complete remodel from the inside-out.

Hammock Nook

This cozy hammock nook is in a retail/yoga corridor. It can be used as a meditation nook as well as retail display. It features a handmade overhang from collected objects and artwork by Jo Kilma.

Hanging Rose Garden

The hanging rose garden is in bloom, adding some colour to the wintery white snowscape outside. “As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. ” -Ben Hogan

Peace, Love, Yoga Display

This is a playful, community oriented display. This was hand-painted with local staff for a 60’s themed festival. Symbols are a yogi, heart and peace sign.

Overhang Detail

The hammock overhang, made of found and collected objects.

Dreamcatchers Detail

This is a detailed view of two of the “dreamcatchers.”

Letting Go

This was a fall community project. Participants traced their hands to make ‘leaves’ with an intention for releasing and a new intention.

Art Prints

These art prints are displayed for sales and all relating to the theme ‘sacred.’

Letting Go

A detailed view of the community installation. The hands were made of fall-coloured paper. They were then cut out and pinned to the installed tree branches.


These ‘dreamcatchers’ were made by elementary school students and displayed as an installation. There were approximately 30 of them made. I facilitated and installed this project.