How I see the world

Creativity is a powerful gift. It brings the power of transformation, allows you to recognize potential, and brightens the world. Over the last several years, my mission has been to use my creativity in ways that not only create things, but also situations, circumstances, and transformation within and around me. It was a major turning point in my life when I realized that life is the big project being created in each moment.

Today I use the power of creativity to fuel my profession as well. I create magical installation art and curate sacred and art spaces. My husband Ravidass and I also run a successful yoga- and-art-based business called Sacred Arts. It is a community space to express our shared vision for a conscious and creative life from a whole foods cafe, to a curated art gallery, thriving yoga studio and handmade market.

My expertise in Arts and Culture has also been put to use in universities and colleges as an instructor, as well as in cities with arts and culture planning for cities.


My education supports my passion and the work that I do today. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Art and English Language and Literature and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Art, specializing in Mixed Media. My undergraduate and graduate research focused on the physicality of communication and the inseparable relationship of the body and senses in language. Post-colonial and feminist theory underpin my creative work and offer a reclaiming of knowledge through personal, lived experience. The resulting creative works often incorporate found objects and depend on the use of space as installation works that engage the senses.


The practice of yoga and meditation have been profound vehicles for integrating the language of the body into my life. They have also been important tools for reclaiming a deep connection with myself that have allowed my work and life to be transformed. I advocate for the use of mindfulness as an important creative tool, and also the use of creativity as a profound skill in life. I am a certified Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga for Youth teacher and also teach about A Course in Miracles. 


I have had amazing experiences researching, creating and exhibiting works around the world.  My creative pursuits have taken me around the globe including to Iceland in January to create under the northern lights; London to study at the Royal College of Art while researching language and sense in visual art; and Banff to start Project 108: Gestures for Creative Community Building.

Professionally, I have enjoyed supporting students through teaching at Alberta College of Art and Design and the University of Calgary. My role in programming at the Banff Centre allowed me to support artists in sharing and creating their works. I have also enjoyed working in a curatorial role to showcase one of the most extensive Canadian Aboriginal art collections and sharing that experience with local Elders. Additionally, I have supported many entrepreneurs in finding clarity of their vision and purpose and expressing it in their brands. Recently I also completed an Arts and Culture Master Plan for the City of Camrose.

Current Projects

Supporting clients with creative direction and consulting is one of the ways that I now support others in fully expressing creativity in fulfilling ways. At times this work involves a one-on-one approach and other times it is a collaborative approach within communities and cities.

Underlying all of my work is the belief that vision is the creative magic that allows everything to flow. Without it you’ll feel like you’re searching in the dark, not making the impact you’re meant to. I love to help others recognize how profound their vision can be, allowing it to be their guide and to share it beautifully.

A Short and Sweet Shareable Bio:

Lisa Borin is visual artist, consultant & entrepreneur. Her creative pursuits have taken her around the globe to Iceland in January to create under the northern lights; London to study at the Royal College of Art while researching language and sense in visual art; and Banff to start Project 108: Gestures for Creative Community Building. Internationally exhibited and award-winning, Lisa is also a heart-centered creator. She has expanded her definition of art making, allowing creativity to infiltrate her life to the core, promoting the idea that we can find art in every moment. Currently she works to empower heart-centered visionaries, creatives, and entrepreneurs with clarity & creativity. Lisa also co-owns a thriving yoga, art, retail and cafe space, Sacred Arts, where she teaches mindfulness, yoga & meditation.